The Quinte Region Source Protection Plan directs local efforts to protect and keep our sources of municipal drinking water clean. It includes policies that are based on science and developed with public consultation. The Source Protection Plan Primer provides more information on the local source protection plan.

The original approval of the Quinte Region Source Protection Plan was announced by the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change on September 11, 2014. The Plan was originally approved by the Minister on September 8, 2014. The effective date for the plan is January 1, 2015.

The Source Protection Plan was amended in the fall of 2019. Amendments were required to reflect changes on the landscape. New development in the City of Belleville and the Town of Picton required amendments to each municipality's intake protection zone 2. Additionally, The Village of Madoc drilled a new production well, with an adjacent water treatment building and decommissioned the existing Whytock well. As part of this process, the wellhead protection area for the Source Water Protection Program required updating, due to the change in well location.

The approval of these amendments was announced by the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks on September 11, 2019. The effective date for these amendments is September 16, 2019.

Source Protection Plans

Source Protection Plan Maps

1.1       Quinte Source Protection Region 

4.1       Peats Point Wellhead Protection Area 

4.2       Ameliasburgh Intake Protection Zones 

4.3       Picton Intake Protection Zones 1 & 2 

4.4       Wellington Intake Protection Zones 

4.5       Deloro Wellhead Protection Area 

4.6       Tweed Wellhead Protection Area 

4.7       Madoc Wellhead Protection Area

4.8       Belleville Intake Protection Zones 1 & 2

4.9       Point Anne Intake Protection Zones 1 & 2

4.10     Point Anne Wellhead Protection Area 

4.11     Deseronto Intake Protection Zones 1 & 2 

4.12     Napanee Intake Protection Zones 1 & 2 

4.12    Bayside Intake Protection Zones 1 & 2 

Explanatory Document

An Explanatory Document was prepared by the Quinte Region Source Protection Committee as a record of the policy development process, research and consultation. It explains how the Source Protection Committee arrived at the policies in the Source Protection Plan and provides the rationale for those policies.

Policies in the Plan and the policy explanations in the Explanatory Document are organized using the same policy numbers and names.