Quinte Conservation's stormwater program was created to support municipalities and other local stakeholders in improving stormwater management around the bay, under the Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan (BQRAP). Past work includes development of Pollution Prevention and Control Plans for urban areas draining to the bay, and Environmental Assessments to plan for retrofit quality treatment. Much of this work can be found on our Reports and Studies page. 

Technical Resources

Stormwater management reduces water quality and flood impacts generated by urban development. Quinte Conservation staff review development proposals for stormwater management. For urban areas draining to the Bay of Quinte, proponents must follow the BQRAP Stormwater Management Guidelines. Quinte Conservation staff have also developed a set of Stormwater Management Submission Guidelines that applies to any application in our watershed. Proponents and their consultants should review our Planning and Regulations page for additional details and contact information.

Most municipalities also have stormwater guidelines that proponents must follow, available through their municipal websites.

Technical staff may find these additional resources to be of use:

Resources for Residents

Local homeowners play a role in keeping stormwater, and the Bay of Quinte, clean! The BQRAP Greening Your Grounds webinar about rain gardens, shows one way that anyone can keep roof or driveway runoff on their properties. The team also put together an accompanying list of local resources for native plants and where you can see demonstrations of green stormwater strategies around the Bay of Quinte. Many municipalities and community groups also run subsidized rain barrel sales. Information can typically be found on your municipality's website or at RainBarrel.ca

Our Outreach and Stewardship team also spends time educating students about the importance of keeping chemicals and waste out of storm drains through the Yellow Fish Road Program.

Download our Stormwater Management Brochure