Half of the people living in the Quinte Region depend on groundwater for their drinking water source.

An old, unused, or improperly maintained well can be a direct path for contaminants to reach our sources of drinking water.

If you have a well on your property, make sure that it is well maintained in order to protect our groundwater from contamination.

As a well owner it is your responsibility to be ‘well aware' and to keep your water source safe.

Man performing a well test

Here are some things you can do to keep your well water safe:

  • know exactly where your well is
  • keep potential sources of contamination away from your well
  • inspect your well regularly and have any necessary repairs or upgrades done by a licensed well contractor
  • make sure your well has a proper cap to prevent the entry of seepage or insects
  • maintain your septic system as this can be a source of contamination
  • have your water tested regularly to detect any problems so they can be fixed
  • have a licensed well contractor decommission old unused wells on your property

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