Activities on the land and in the water near municipal wells and surface water intakes may harmfully affect our drinking water sources. The Province of Ontario has identified 22 prescribed drinking water threats under the Clean Water Act, 2006.

Improper storage, handling, and application of fertilizer can be a significant threat to water sources

The Threats to our Drinking Water Sources fact sheet and the threat specific fact sheets below explain the threats to drinking water sources in the Quinte Region and include the policy approach taken by the Source Protection Committee when developing policies to address the threats for the Source Protection Plan.

Waste oil can pose a significant threat to drinking water sources

"What is an Intake Protection Zone?" and "What is a Wellhead Protection Area?" also assist in understanding what activities, in what locations can be a threat to drinking water sources.

Quinte Region Threat Fact Sheets:

Agricultural Activities
Airplane De-Icing
Commercial Fertilizer
Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
Organic Solvents
Road Salt
Storage of Snow
Conserving Water

For more information about threats near specific drinking water systems see the Assessment Report.