Agricultural activities are considered potential threats to drinking water due to the possibility of contaminants such as nitrogen, phosphorus, pesticides and bacteria to enter into our ground and surface water. The Drinking Water Threats from Agricultural Activities fact sheet provides further information on this threat category. There are several policies in the Quinte Region Source Protection Plan to address agricultural threats.

Given the largely rural nature of the Quinte Region, agricultural activities are widespread throughout, however the actual number of agricultural activities that occur within the vulnerable areas of municipal drinking water systems is relatively small. To see if your agricultural operation is affected, use our Policy Information Map.

Farm Source Water Protection Framework and Assessment Tool

Farm equipment spreading fertilizer

The Ontario Farm Environmental Coalition has created a template to help farmers engaged in significant drinking water threat activities to which source protection plan policies will apply. This template will help farmers to organize accurate information specific to their farm businesses in a format that facilitates discussion with the risk management official.

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