Drinking Water in Peats Point

Drinking water systems map for PEC and Peats Point

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The Peats Point water system provides a supply of potable drinking water to 19 residences in this subdivision in northern Prince Edward County.

What is the water source?
Groundwater is the source of drinking water for the Peats Point subdivision. Not all residences in the area are connected to the well. The community is located on a point of land extending into the Bay of Quinte that is approximately 800 metres long by 300 metres wide. The well is located on the south side of the point about 40 metres from the Bay. This well is close to the Bay of Quinte in an area of fractured limestone rock, meaning surface water and water from the Bay may move through the cracks and crevices to infiltrate and influence the quality of water in the well. This well is therefore classified as a GUDI (Groundwater Under the Direct Influence of Surface Water) well which requires the delineation of an additional wellhead protection area.

How is the water treated?
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How is the drinking water source protected?

The Quinte Region Source Protection Committee visits Peats Point

Ontario's Clean Water Act was created specifically to protect drinking water at the source rather than simply relying on water treatment alone to deliver safe, clean water. Because of scientific work completed under thisAct, Peats Point now has a mapped Wellhead Protection Area (WHPA) that is protected through policies in the Quinte Region Source Protection Plan.

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