FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 23, 2018
Snow melt and rainfall caused water levels to rise across the Quinte Conservation watershed this past week.
Water Resources Manager Christine McClure says, “Small Creeks have peaked and their water levels have started to recede.”
She adds, “The large rivers have also peaked, with the exception of the Moira River at Foxboro, which is expected to peak next week.”
Some creeks topped their banks and the minor ice jamming that occurred resulted in no known damage being done to residents’ homes or municipal infrastructure.
Spring rain and snowmelt will continue to occur; however, there is low risk of river flooding over the course of the weekend. As a precaution, residents are advised to make sure their sump pumps are in working order.
Residents are advised to exercise extreme caution around all waterways and are reminded that stream banks and fast moving water is extremely dangerous. Adults are urged to keep children and pets away from all waterways, to stay off the ice, and that water control structures should be avoided at all times.
Hypothermia is a major concern for anyone who is in areas where they could fall into open water.
While Quinte Conservation does not measure ice thickness for recreational activities, the organization provides information on watershed safety conditions.
Quinte Conservation is issuing a Water Safety Statement regarding the changing ice conditions. A Water Safety Statement indicates that high flows, unsafe banks, melting ice or other factors could be dangerous for users such as anglers, boaters, swimmers, children or pets. Flooding is not expected.

This message will be in effect until (or updated before) Friday, March 2, 2018.