Quinte Conservation offers a range of education programs that are curriculum-connected for grades K to 12 as well as programming for community youth groups, homeschoolers, early education groups, and service groups. All of our education programs are designed to engage youth, through hands-on activities, in learning about their local watershed and inspiring positive actions for our land and water. 

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Image of a frozen over waterway with a sign saying Thin Ice
Spring Water Safety and Safety Around Dams

Tragically, every year children drown in Ontario's waterways.  The Spring Water Awareness and Safety Around Dams Program was developed by Quinte Conservation to make children aware of the dangers associated with the spring water runoff, unstable ice, fast flowing cold waters, slippery and unstable shore, and the dangers of playing around dams.

Together, let's make our children aware of the dangers that exist near water and through education, prevent a tragedy.