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Development on a property near a wetland, watercourse, steep slope or the shoreline of a lake, may require a permit from Quinte Conservation. Types of development may include construction, site grading, fill placement, etc.

Please Note: A permit from Quinte Conservation does not override any other permit requirements from any other agencies, whether federal, provincial or municipal.  You should contact your local municipality to discuss building permits and any other approvals that are required.

You can find helpful resources and links to more information related to development, below. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the permit process, what work requires a permit from our office, and other commonly asked questions. 

Would you like to discuss your project with our staff before applying for a permit? Book a pre-consultation meeting or request a site visit now.

Ready to apply for a permit? Make sure you have everything you need. Review our Application Checklist before submitting your permit. 

Are you ready to apply for a permit? Visit our Apply for a Permit page for a fee schedule, an online application, printable application form, and additional information. 

Property Regulations Map
Confirm if your property falls within our Regulated Area. Launch the Regulated Areas GIS Viewer

Are you concerned about a development project? You can report a violation to our office

A violation is any activity that occurs in the Regulated Area without a permit or approval from Quinte Conservation. This can include:

  • Excavating, digging, importing fill, placing rocks, installing culverts
  • Building or expanding any kind of structure including a house, garage, shed, boathouse, or deck
  • Dredging, work in or near the water, vegetation removal in a wetland

 You may also report suspected violations to: 

  • Your Local Municipality:
  1. City of Belleville
  2. City of Quinte West
  3. Loyalist Township
  4. Municipality of Centre Hastings
  5. Municipality of Marmora and Lake
  6. Municipality of Tweed
  7. Town of Deseronto
  8. Town of Greater Napanee
  9. Township of Addington Highlands
  10. Township of Central Frontenac
  11. Township of Madoc
  12. Township of North Frontenac
  13. Township of South Frontenac
  14. Township Stirling-Rawdon
  15. Township of Stone Mills
  16. Township Tudor and Cashel
  17. Township of Tyendinaga
 What you need to have before starting your project

Before starting your project, you may need a permit from Quinte Conservation. 
When you submit a permit, you will want to ensure that is it complete and that you have included all the required documents. 

View our Permit Application Checklist to help ensure you have a complete application.