General Inquiries

Property inquiries are often made by potential landowners, real estate agents, or contractors during the sale or purchase of a property. Questions range from wanting to know if there are any regulated features on a property and potential setback areas to specific development questions.

If you are a potential landowner or real estate agent and would like general information regarding the regulated area or development potential of a specific property you can submit your request using our Property Inquiry Form (form coming soon). Please be sure to include accurate property location information and your specific questions about the property. Staff will respond to your inquiry with relevant information including a map and let you know if more information is required.

Site visits are not included as part of a general property inquiry. If you would like to request a site visit to discuss questions you may have please complete our Site Visit Request Form

Legal Clearance

Legal clearance is often required during the purchase of a property and requests are received directly from lawyers. This is a more formal process that includes requesting information on previous permits issued and/or any known breaches of our regulation for the property.

Staff will review each legal inquiry, respond with a letter identifying any permit requirements, and address any specific questions that have been asked. A map of the property will also be included which will identify the location of any features or hazards that a potential owner or seller should be aware of.

Legal inquiries can be submitted by email or mailed to our office at the following address:

Quinte Conservation
2061 Old Highway 2
Belleville, ON
K8N 4Z2

Response timeline

Please ensure that any legal inquiry is submitted well before the closing date of a property. Staff require a minimum of 10 business days to prepare a response and cannot guarantee a timely response for requests that are submitted with a shorter deadline.


Quinte Conservation can decide if we want to charge a fee for Property inquiries.

Legal Clearance letters are subject to a fee of $200.00. 

Additional information

A property inquiry or legal clearance is NOT a permit application and does not constitute permission to start development.