For Immediate Release: July 28, 2020
The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department at Quinte Conservation has launched a Water Levels Viewer application so that residents can quickly access near real-time flow and water level information for major lakes and rivers within Quinte Conservation’s watersheds.
Several hydrometric gauging stations within Quinte Conservation’s monitoring network, including those operated by Environment Canada and its Partners, continually record and post near real-time data through satellite, land-line, or internet based transmissions.
Water Resources Manager Christine McClure says, “The Water Levels Viewer taps into this network of data and offers a convenient mapping interface for residents to explore current watershed conditions and watershed statements related to both Flood and Low Water Status notifications.”
The ongoing Drought Management Project at Quinte Conservation, along with funding granted through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, has provided the necessary resources for staff to install remote monitoring instrumentation at several new locations throughout the watersheds including Beaver Lake, Big Clear Lake, Deerock Lake, Lingham Lake, Second Depot Lake, Skootamatta Lake, and Third Depot Lake. Further installations are scheduled at Moira, Roblin and Stoco Lakes.
McClure adds, “The addition of several new gauging stations are critical pieces of equipment as Quinte Conservation staff continues to actively monitor the watershed in both flood forecasting and drought monitoring capacities.”
The expansion of the existing monitoring network will help to establish new baseline scenarios as the climate continues to change and evolve.
Data is presented in its raw form and has not been reviewed for errors or omissions. Users of this application are cautioned that due to the provisional nature of the data, the information presented may not be suitable for decisions concerning personal or public safety or the conduct of any business.