FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 28, 2017
Quinte Conservation is extending the Water Safety Statement into next week due to forecast rain. Water Resources Manager Christine McClure says, “Right now the ground is saturated from recent rains. This means the rain will run off into our waterways. Local lake levels will rise and people will see increased levels and flow in local rivers and streams. Some nuisance flooding may be seen in low lying areas.”
McClure adds, “We are urging members of the public to be extremely cautious around local waterways. Parents and caregivers should remind children about the dangers of playing near fast flowing water in ditches and smaller creeks. Hypothermia is a concern for anyone who falls into open water.”
Quinte Conservation warns the public that stream banks should be avoided in the winter. Footing is unpredictable and frigid open water conditions are extremely dangerous. Areas around dams, culverts and bridges should be avoided at all times.
Residents should take care to monitor their sump pumps and ensure they are in good working condition during this type of weather.
Quinte Conservation is issuing a Water Safety Statement regarding the changing conditions in the watershed. A Water Safety Statement indicates that high flows, unsafe banks, melting ice or other factors could be dangerous for users such as anglers, boaters, swimmers, children or pets. Flooding is not expected.
This message is valid until March 7, 2017.