October 3, 2019
The International Joint Commission (IJC) through the Great Lakes –St. Lawrence River Adaptive
Management Committee is now calling on residents impacted by flooding events in 2019 to express their
concerns by sharing comments and photos through the organization’s online survey.
Water Resources Manager Christine McClure says, “The IJC has released a survey to document 2019 flood
events. It is really important for residents who experienced Lake Ontario or Bay of Quinte flooding this
year to have their concerns heard.”
A similar study was conducted after the flood events in 2017 where the International Joint Commission
received comments from only 299 Ontario residents.
The data collected from this year’s survey will allow the Commission to evaluate and improve their
scientific and engineering models that were developed to help estimate potential damages, and impacts
to plan modifications that may be experienced under a range of Great Lakes water level conditions.
Residents can fill the survey out here:
High water levels on Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte has impacted many shoreline residents this year
with properties experiencing erosion and damages from high water and wave action.
There are a number of things individuals can do to protect their shorelines. Some of the measures include
plantings to hold the soil, placement of rock to prevent further erosion, and sloping the shoreline to a
stable slope to allow for wave and ice movement.
Regulations Officer Sharlene Richardson says, “Typically vertical walls are not recommended along
shorelines as they often fail, can increase erosion damage on neighbouring properties, and provide very
little ecological benefit. Shoreline residents should be aware that erosion is a natural process but there
are many ways to reduce the damage while still retaining a natural shoreline.”
Shoreline property owners are reminded that all work along the shoreline will require a permit from
Quinte Conservation.
Quinte Conservation is downgrading the flood status to a Flood Outlook statement as Lake Ontario and
Bay of Quinte water levels continue to decline with outflows occurring from Lake Ontario. In September,
the outflows from Lake Ontario were at a record high. The International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence
River Board is continuing high Lake Ontario outflows to reduce Lake Ontario water levels. The Board is
actively looking for opportunities to reduce Lake Ontario water levels from now until next spring.

Staff will continue to monitor conditions and will provide an update if forecasts and conditions change. For current water levels or to report any observations of flooding, residents are encouraged to visit
FLOOD OUTLOOK STATEMENT gives early notice of the potential for flooding based on weather forecasts calling for heavy rain, snow melt, high wind or other conditions that could lead to high runoff, cause ice jams, lakeshore flooding or erosion.
This message will be in effect until (or updated if anything significant changes before) Tuesday, October 29, 2019.