Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area

November 29, 2023
Quinte Conservation’s (QC) Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area will be undergoing significant site improvements to enhance the overall visitor experience and ensure the long-term safety and preservation of the natural environment.
Guided by the Conservation Area Strategy, these site improvements include the demolition of a legacy building and workshop, installing a parking gate system, parking lot improvements, and upgrades and maintenance to picnic shelters and tables, signage and trails.
"We have a vision for Macaulay Mountain, and in its current state, there are limits to our ability to make the necessary changes," said Brad McNevin, Chief Administrative Officer of Quinte Conservation. "For us to restore Macaulay to its natural ecology, we've had to make some tough decisions including the removal of structures. While we understand the impact these changes may have, we are committed to doing what's best for our organization and the conservation area."
Following staff recommendation at the October Executive Board meeting, QC was directed to not renew their lease agreement with a local group, who use the building and workshop for to run their program. This decision was made after careful consideration of various factors and prioritizes the safety and well-being of all parties involved. To ensure a smooth transition, QC has extended the lease agreement by six months beyond the December 31 expiry date to allow time for the group to find alternative accommodation.
QC also identified the installation of an electronic gate at Macaulay Mountain as a key site improvement. This action has already proven beneficial in several ways in other QC Areas, effectively reduced incidents of garbage dumping, vandalism and inappropriate use, safeguarding the natural environment. By implementing parking fees, QC aims to strike a balance between providing a high-quality visitor experience and ensuring the long-term sustainability of its conservation areas.
"Through our Conservation Area Improvement Strategy, we aim to create a space that fosters a deep connection with nature and promotes sustainable outdoor recreation,” says McNevin.
Macaulay Mountain is set to become a premier destination site, providing opportunities for passive outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, bird watching, picnicking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, photography, picnics and nature appreciation.
Macaulay Mountain is home to a steep escarpment and features more than 7 km of trails including a walkway and Birdhouse City.
The public can access QC’s Conservation Area Strategy online here.
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