On April 26 Quinte Conservation and Hydro One are teaming up to plant 1,200 trees at the formerly contaminated Ackerman site south of Deloro. The local environmental organization has been involved in a large cleanup project on the property and the final step will be planting trees. The trees were funded by Hydro One to support this valuable community project.
Quinte Conservation General Manager Terry Murphy says, “Following the provision of funding by the Province of Ontario in 2014, the area of contamination was cleaned up through excavation of contaminated soil and transport back to the former Deloro mine site. Once at the Deloro site the contaminated soil was deposited in a secure containment cell that had been constructed at the Deloro mine site for the storage of contaminated soil from Ackerman as well as the mine property. To restore the property the hole where the contaminated soil was removed was back filled with clean soil. During this process many trees were necessarily removed. The tree planting project with Hydro One will go a long way to restoring the previously forested area.”
The Ackerman property is located just over 6 kilometres east of Marmora and directly south of Deloro. In the 1860s, during Ontario’s gold rush, this property was also prospected for gold. It changed hands several times and all mining stopped in the early 1900s due to an inflow of water and low quality gold. The property was acquired by the Moira River Conservation Authority (now part of Quinte Conservation) in 1971 as part of a plan to establish a new recreation area through restoration of the mine. Unfortunately it was discovered that some of the arsenic bearing waste material produced at the Deloro mine site had made its way to the Ackerman property.
“In order to ensure the safe and reliable distribution of electricity, we need to clear vegetation from our distribution lines. To offset the vegetation that is being removed, we chose to support the Quinte Conservation area in this tree planting effort,” said Terry Forrest, Supervising Forestry Technician, Hydro One. “Minimizing the environmental impact of the work we do is important to all of us at Hydro One.”
Murphy adds, “Trees provide many environmental benefits such as cleaning the air of pollution and helping to fight climate change, retaining water to help reduce runoff, and the creation of habitat for wildlife. We are very pleased to work with Hydro One on this project.”