Approximately 35 – 65 mm of rainfall is expected from Thursday to Saturday throughout the Quinte Conservation Watershed. There is uncertainty in the storm track and in exactly how much rain will be received, but it is possible that some regions may experience more than the anticipated 65 mm. Most of the rain is expected Friday and into Saturday morning.
River levels are approaching, or have reached, the top of the banks. Saturated soils from previous rainfall events over the last few weeks will not allow for much rainwater to penetrate the ground. The majority of rain will runoff into the rivers and create additional surface ponding in low lying areas.
River flows throughout all of Quinte Conservation’s watersheds will exceed typical spring levels.
Watershed Resources Manager, Christine McClure says, “Rivers will respond quickly and waterfront property owners on the Moira, Salmon, Napanee, Black, and Skootamatta Rivers who experience periodic flooding should take the necessary precautions to protect their property.”
The public is reminded that Quinte Conservation does not provide sandbags to residents. If you require sandbags, contact your local municipality or hardware store.
At this time, water levels are not expected to reach the same as in 2014.
Areas that annually experience localized flooding will likely start to experience that again this spring.
Staff will continue to monitor conditions and will provide an update if forecasts and conditions change. For current water levels or to report any observations of flooding, residents are encouraged to visit
A Flood Watch statement notifies that the potential for flooding exists within specific watercourses and municipalities. Municipalities, emergency services and individual landowners in flood-prone areas should prepare.
This message will be in effect until (or updated if anything significant changes before) Wednesday, April 24, 2019.