Flood Icon indicating a Water Safety Statement

April 8, 2022


The spring freshet has come and largely dissipated in Quinte Conservation’s larger river systems. Since last Sunday, river flows have steadily declined from their highest point, and if current weather conditions persist, these flows will continue to slow with little chance of water levels overtopping their banks in the coming weeks. Snowmelt has been occurring over the last several weeks, with almost all of the snowpack being lost throughout the watershed.

Lake Ontario water levels are slightly higher than normal for this time of year, but are on track to reach their seasonal high, which is anticipated in early- to mid-June. No flooding is anticipated this season on Lake Ontario or The Bay of Quinte.

Given these conditions, Quinte Conservation is downgrading its Flood Outlook Statement to a Water Safety statement. Caution should still be observed around open water at this time of year. The public is advised to be careful when near rivers and waterbodies and to stay away from open and fast flowing water, culverts, dams, ice covered water, and banks.

Nuisance flooding may still occur around small watercourses, urban areas, and ditches. Large river systems and inland lakes are not expected to flood at this time. Residents in areas where nuisance flooding may occur are reminded to take the necessary precautions to protect their property. Please ensure sump pumps are in good working condition and to have easy access to a portable backup generator and pump. Help reduce ponding by keeping ditches, culverts, and storm drains clear from obstructions.

Staff will continue to monitor conditions.

For current water levels or to report changes in water levels, residents are encouraged to visit QuinteConservation.ca.

A WATER SAFETY STATEMENT indicates that high flows, unsafe banks, melting ice or other factors could be dangerous for users such as anglers, boaters, swimmers, children, or pets. Flooding is not expected.

This message will be in effect until (or updated before) April 29, 2022

Quinte Conservation is a community-based environmental protection agency. It serves 18 municipalities in the watersheds of the Moira, Napanee and Salmon Rivers and Prince Edward County. It provides cost-effective environmental expertise and leadership. Quinte Conservation’s main goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem where people and nature live in harmony. More information about Quinte Conservation is available at www.quinteconservation.ca.


For more information contact:

Dave Eastcott, Water Resources Technologist
(613) 968-3434 ext. 130 OR (613) 354-3312 ext. 126