We have a team of expert staff who manage our watershed's natural resources while delivering environmental based programs and services to municipalities and residents.

Our programs are driven by our core mandate of protecting people and properties from the dangers of natural hazards. Our Watershed Management team monitors watershed conditions for early prediction of the potential for flooding. In addition, they participate in a variety of other activities including, dam operations, climate change and stormwater initiatives, water monitoring, and landowner stewardship programming.

Our Planning and Regulations team works with homeowners, municipal staff, and developers to ensure that any development around water and hazardous lands aligns with the Ontario Conservation Authorities Act.

Our Source Water Protection team helps to protect municipal drinking water sources from contamination through government policies and regulations. Learn more about Source Protection through the Quinte Source Protection website.

The Lands team at Quinte Conservation helps to preserve and protect our many properties throughout the watershed, including sustainability efforts related to forest management, continuous maintenance and management of our public green spaces, working with partner agencies to perform restoration initiatives, and the development of Conservation Area management plans.