Moira River Watershed Advisory Board

City of Belleville

  • Paul Carr, Advisory Board Vice Chair
  • Chris Malette
  • Sean Kelly

Visit the City of Belleville's website.

City of Quinte West

  • Don Kuntze

Visit the City of Quinte West's website.

Madoc Township

  • Carrie West

Visit the Township of Madoc's website.

Municipality of Centre Hastings

  • Mike Kerby

Visit the Municipality of Centre Hastings' website.

Municipality of Marmora and Lake

  • Mike Stevens

Visit the Municipality of Marmora and Lake's website.

Municipality of Tweed

  • James Flieler, Advisory Board Chair

Visit the Municipality of Tweed's website.

Township of Addington Highlands

  • Henry Hogg

Visit the Township of Addington Highlands' website.

Township of Stirling-Rawdon

  • Dale Grant

Visit the Township Stirling-Rawdon's website.

Township of Tudor and Cashel

  • Bob Bridger

Visit the Township Tudor and Cashel's website.

Napanee Region Watershed Advisory Board

Loyalist Township

  • Position vacant

Visit Loyalist Township's website.

Town of Deseronto

  • Steven Everhardus

Visit the Town of Deseronto's website.

Town of Greater Napanee

  • Ellen Johnson

Visit the Town of Greater Napanee's website.

Township of Central Frontenac

  • Nicki Gowdy

Visit the Township of Central Frontenac's website.

Township of North Frontenac

  • Position vacant

Visit the Township of North Frontenac's website.

Township of South Frontenac

  • Norm Roberts

Visit the Township of South Frontenac's website.

Township of Stone Mills

  • John Wise, Advisory Board Chair

Visit the Township of Stone Mill's website.

Township of Tyendinaga

  • Heather Lang, Advisory Board Vice Chair

Visit the Township of Tyendinaga's website.

Prince Edward Region Watershed Advisory Board

Elected Member

  • Janice Maynard, Advisory Board Chair
  • John Hirsch, Advisory Board Vice Chair
  • Kate MacNaughton

Community Appointed Member

  • Les Stanfield
  • Ray Hobson
  • Tom Livingston

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