rural ground well

Whether your drinking water comes from a private well or is delivered through a municipal service, there are many things you can do to ensure the protection of this valuable resource. 

Groundwater Wells

There are some rural communities within the Quinte Conservation Watershed that have a municipal drinking water supply, but often times, drinking water is provided through a drilled, dug, or bored well located on the property. Groundwater is a shared resource and contamination from one well can put other wells at risk. 

It is the homeowners responsibility to test their drinking water to make sure it is safe for consumption. 

Water Hauling 

If you typically experience drought, you may want to consider purchasing a water storage unit, like a cistern, and consider water hauling services to relieve the demand on your well. 

Contamination Concern

If contamination of your well is due to offsite activities, you can report your concerns to The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks

Municipal Drinking Water

Learn more about Protecting Quinte Region Drinking Water Sources through Quinte Source Water Protection
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 Report a Spill

If you notice, or have a spill, contact the Spills Action Centre to make a report.