Conservation land is a protected, naturalized area managed by the property owner to maintain the natural ecology of the area.

Quinte Conservation owns over 30,000 acres of conservation lands. These lands include conservation areas, managed forests, and nature reserves; their distribution and specific designations are outlined in our Property Policy Map.

Most of the land is located in the northern regions of the Watershed as a way to slow the spring freshet, reduce flooding and improve water quality.

What you need to know about conservation land:

How do we manage QC Lands?

  • Properties are categorized as conservation reserves, commercial forests and conservations areas/water control structures.

  • QC has a team of field staff that manage and maintain all Authority owned properties including Conservation Areas. Report an Issue. 

Is hunting allowed on QC Lands?

  • Please visit our hunting page for information on hunting on QC Lands.
  • Hunting is not allowed at any designated conservation area/water control structure property. Visit the Outdoor Spaces page for information on conservation areas.  

Why do we create management plans and master plans?

  • Long term planning is very important for the allocation of capital funds needed for improvements to the land holding. Maintenance is necessary to ensure the safety and sustainability of the property.