School children walk along a chain link fence with a recently installed stream of dreams mural, painted wooden fish cutouts fixed to the fence in an art mural..

Stream of Dreams is a watershed-based eco-education and community art program. It was started in British Columbia by the Stream of Dreams Mural Society. The program helps children to understand how they're connected to their local watershed. It also reinforces positive actions they can take to protect water.

The first part of the program consists of a 40-minute interactive workshop. It teaches students about the life and function of a watershed. The second part is an art workshop where each student pictures their dream for a healthy watershed. They then paint a wooden fish cutout and transform it into their own personal "dream fish".

After the program, students install the "dream fish" on a chain link fence in front of the school. This creates the "Stream of Dreams" mural, a beautiful reminder of the importance of water protection.

Bring Stream of Dreams to your school

We offer the Stream of Dreams program to grades K-8. Most often this program is delivered to an entire school over 2 to 5 days.

Contact our Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator for more information on how to bring the Stream of Dreams Program to your community. 

Stream of Dreams volunteers install fish along fence
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to help cut out wood fish, install murals, and raise funds for program delivery and art supply donations. Fill out the volunteer form if you would like to help.