Landowners looking for advice for their property can schedule a free site visit with us. Contact our Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator for advice, to plan a site visit, or for additional information on our programs.

Quinte Conservation offers the following programs and services. This serves to help landowners contribute to a healthy watershed. Take part in our programs or apply for one of our landowner grants.

Restoring Habitat 

QC staff are available to give advice on how to restore habitat on your property.

Our yards can help support ecosystem health. Consider tree planting, gardening with native plants, and creating spaces in your yard to support wildlife.

Explore opportunities to bring a part of your property back to nature. You can request a site visit from our Outreach and Stewardship Coordinator.

Are you interested in large-scale tree planting programs?

Visit our Tree Seedlings Programs Page. 

Restoring Your Shoreline 

Restoring your shoreline with native plants reduces shore erosion, protects water quality, and adds vital habitat for over 90% of aquatic life in your water system. All shoreline planting programs take into consideration maintaining your water views and as well as your access points to the water.  

Learn more about the Shoreline Planting Programs


Wildlife Nesting Box Plans

Build and install a nesting box in your yard to provide a nesting area for birds and a place to raise theirAn osprey landing on a nesting platform. young. It's also a great way to invite wildlife to your yard for viewing.

Some bird species build nests in dense foliage or grassy meadows; many others nest in holes in trees.

Some birds, like woodpeckers, can create their own nesting holes. Others depend on natural cavities found in dead and decaying trees.

When dead and decaying trees are removed, cavity-nesting birds have fewer natural places to raise their young.

Installing nesting boxes built for desired species can help them thrive 

Two bluebirds standing on top of a nesting box.

once again.


Bluebird Nesting Box

Osprey Nesting Platform

Wood Duck Nesting Box

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