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On this page you will find links and resources for dam safety, ice thickness, water levels, and water testing. 

Dam and Public Safety

Water Management Structures, also known as Dams, can serve many purposes. They are often used to maintain water levels to protect fish and aquatic habitat during times of drought, to maintain lake levels for water recreation purposes, to manage water during flooding, to break up ice and to prevent ice jams, and to produce hydro-electricity. Although they can have many benefits, they can also be extremely dangerous. 


It is very important practice dam safety when near or around dams. 

Stay back

from waters above or below hydro facilities!

Keep out

from areas with fences, buoys, booms and barriers!


stand, anchor or tie your boat below a dam!


obey all warning signs!


Stay Clear. Stay Safe

Learn more about dam safety from the Ontario Power Generation

Ice Thickness

Quinte Conservation does not monitor ice thickness for recreational purposes. 


Spring Water Safety

Visit our Spring Water Safety page to learn more about weather conditions during the spring thaw-and-freeze and for ways to stay safe around ice and fast flowing water. 

Water Levels

Find near real-time water levels data for the Quinte Watershed on our Water Levels page

Water Testing for Swimming

Quinte Conservation does not test water for swimming purposes. 


Visit your local Public Health Unit's website for more information:

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health

KFL&A Public Health