Quinte Conservation landholdings are leased for hunting activities from September 1ˢᵗ to December 31ˢᵗ (inclusive). Outside of the lease period, all hunt properties are open to the general public for regulated hunting purposes.

To hunt on a Quinte Conservation property, individuals must follow Provincial Hunting Regulations and Federal Hunting Regulations and have appropriate Provincial and Federal license(s) and stamps/tags. 

Report hunting violations to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry TIPS Hotline at 1-877-847-7667.

NOTE: Hunting is not allowed at any conservation area, water control structure, or land holding.


  • Hunting is only permitted for lease holders and their guests from September 1ˢᵗ to December 31ˢᵗ (inclusive). The lease holder's have exclusive hunt privileges on a three-year term basis.
  • Once this three-year term expires, current lease holders are given first right of refusal, followed by adjacent property owners. Once this process has been exhausted, we turn to our waitlist.
  • If you would like to be added to our waitlist, please email your full name, phone number, and email address to info@quinteconservation.ca.


  • Be aware of hunting season in the area. Quinte Conservation recommends you wear high visibility attire on your head and chest for the safety of all property users.
  • Please see the Outdoor Spaces page for maintained Conservation Areas where hunting is not permitted.


  • You will be sharing public lands with other hunters, as well as hikers.
  • A firearm must never be discharged unless the user is positive of the target and the surroundings make it safe to do so.
  • Hunting is not permitted at any conservation area and is strictly monitored.

FAQs – Hunting on QC Lands

Which properties are available for hunting?

  • Keep an eye out! We will be adding a link to a map soon.
  • For conservation reserves properties information, please email ttrustham@quinteconservation.ca or call 613-968-3434 ext 110.

How do I become apart of the Lease Program?

  • The opportunity to lease a property for hunting is given directly to an adjacent land owner. 
  • Alternatively, if you are interested in adding your name to a waiting list, please contact info@quinteconservation.ca with your contact information. 

Can I hunt at Depot Lakes?

  • The boat launches at Third and Fourth Depot Lakes are open to the public for fishing and waterfowl hunting via watercraft. The lands surrounding these lakes are part of the Quinte Conservation hunting lease program. 
  • Second Depot Lakes is a conservation area, therefore no water fowl hunting is allowed.