Individuals can hunt on some Quinte Conservation land holdings throughout the Moira and Napanee Watersheds. Most parcels require a lease from us, but there is some availability outside of the lease period where you can hunt regulated game species in their regulated season. Learn more on our Other Hunting Opportunities page.

NOTE: Hunting is not allowed at any conservation area or at any land holding in the Prince Edward County Watershed.


To hunt on a Quinte Conservation property, individuals must follow Provincial Hunting Regulations and have appropriate Provincial and Federal license(s) and stamps/tags.

To report hunting violations: call the Ministry of Natural Resources TIPS Hotline at 1-877-847-7667.


Hunting is only allowed during the regulated seasons. Please note, many of these parcels are exclusively leased (for a fee) between: 18 Calendar Days before the Resident Open Season for the use of Rifles & Shotguns to 15 Calendar Days thereafter (inclusive). Currently all available land holdings are leased, please email to inquire about the waitlist. 

If you are a current hunting lease holder, you can view your hunting parcel here. Email if you have issues accessing the map.  

FAQs – Hunting on QC Lands

Which properties are available for hunting and how do I become apart of the Lease Program?

  • Please email or call 613-968-3434 for more information. 
  • We have five parcels available outside lease periods for hunting any regulated game species in the regulated season, as determined by Provincial and/or Federal regulations. Learn more on our Other Hunting Opportunities page.

What am I permitted to hunt with on QC Lands?

  • Any regulated firearm, including bows. Firearms and users must have appropriate licenses. Hunting can take place during regulated seasons, for regulated game species.

What am I permitted to hunt on QC Lands?

  • Any regulated game species in the regulated season, as determined by Provincial and/or Federal regulations.

Can I camp overnight when I am hunting?

  • Overnight camping is not allowed on QC lands.

Can I put up a tree stand?

  • Temporary tree stands and blinds are allowed, and must come down the same day. Staff will remove any permanent installation.

Can I use a motorized boat and / or ATV?

  • Motorized boats with a motor of less than 9.9 HP are allowed. Passive watercrafts, like canoes and kayaks are encouraged.
  • The use of ATVs is not encouraged. We ask that motorized vehicles stay on the main access trails in order to avoid property damage.


  • Be aware of hunting season in the area. Quinte Conservation recommends you wear high visibility on your head and chest for the safety of all property users.
  • Please see the Outdoor Spaces page for maintained Conservation Areas where hunting is not permitted to stay away from hunting activities during the regulated season.
  • Please note, Depot Lakes Conservation Area closes hiking trails for hunting season. See the Depot Lakes About page for more information. 


  • You will be sharing public lands with other hunters, as well as hikers.
  • A firearm must never be fired unless the user is positive of the target and the surroundings make it safe to do so.
  • Hunting is not permitted at any Conservation Area