The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department at Quinte Conservation has launched a Screening Limit GIS Viewer application, in accordance with Ontario Regulation 319/09 and supporting Section 28 of the Conservation Authorities Act, so that residents can efficiently screen proposed development projects for their property and streamline the regulation process with the Authority.
Users of the application can search for their property or project location by municipal address, assessment roll number or by clicking on the interactive map.
Quinte Conservation CAO Brad McNevin says, “Screening report and printing tools make it easy for users to quickly generate a summary of their selected property or location and also help to indicate if a potential project may be subject to the Regulation”.
In addition, the Screening Limit GIS Viewer provides links to Quinte Conservation’s online permit application and site visit request form, along with information pertaining to the Regulation.
McNevin adds, “Landowners can use this mapping tool to gain an understanding of their property and to identify potential hazards or regulated areas. If your property is within a regulated area, you will require a permit from Quinte Conservation for any proposed development. Due to the complex nature of natural and altered landscapes, not all regulated areas have been identified; or, they have been misrepresented. It is important to remember that the Regulation still applies under these circumstances”.
Quinte Conservation is committed to providing members of the public with a transparent overview of areas regulated by the Authority. Since the Regulated Areas data presented in the application is conceptual in nature, residents are reminded to always check with Quinte Conservation before developing their property or shoreline. Working near water of any kind, or hazardous lands without the proper approvals, permits, or reviews could result in legal action under O. Reg. 319/09.