A Level 2 Low Water Condition has been issued for the Salmon River Watershed. The Moira, Napanee, and Prince Edward Watersheds remain in a Level 1 Low Water Condition.
Localized rains over the last few weeks have helped to relieve some stress in areas. Recent rainfall has helped to revitalize grass and vegetation, but has had a minimal impact on water flows and levels.
Groundwater levels remain low in areas as intense rains are running off the surface of the ground, instead of infiltrating the soil to replenish groundwater levels.
Quinte Conservation is the lead organization for the Water Response Team (WRT) for all of Prince Edward County and the watersheds of the Moira, Napanee, and Salmon Rivers. The Water Response Team includes representatives from local municipalities, the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, First Nations, and local industry. The Water Response Team meets when a Level 1 Low Water Condition has been issued. Water Response Teams monitor local conditions carefully and work with local water users to reduce demand and mitigate the effects of water shortages.
In order to help preserve surface and groundwater resources, Quinte Conservation is asking all residents to reduce water usage by 20%.
Quinte Conservation encourages residents experiencing low water to report their conditions using an online form. The form can be found on the main page of the Quinte Conservation website, along with tips for water conservation, at
A Level 1 Low Water Condition means the potential for water supply problems has been identified. A Level 2 Low Water Condition indicates a potentially serious water supply problem. This level often means minor water supply issues are encountered and there is the potential for major supply problems.